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By the time this timer hits 0, the planet temperature will raise another 1.5 degrees

causing us to hit a critical point that's close to irreversible.

We have to act now to make a difference and you can be the change. 

The United States' Biggest Problem...
The Plastic Epidemic

Plastic production and consumption are predicted to double over the next 10 years.

That means that if we don’t do something now, we could be facing 250 million tons of plastic in the ocean in less than 10 years. We can’t stand by and watch the impacts of this tidal wave of plastic heading our way—neither failure nor inaction is an option. So what are our options?

  • 1. To sit and wait for governments to do something... OR
  • 2. To watch others taking action... OR
  • 3. To take action today and be the wave of change!
Glass is THE Solution!

Glass is the sustainable and 100% recyclable alternative to plastic that will help us end the plastic epidemic in the United States.

Here are some of the benefits why reverting back to glass is the way towards sustainability. 

Benefits of Using Glass over Plastic:

  1. Doesn’t leach BPA (Bisphenol A) into bottled products
  2. Carbon dioxide escapes glass slower than plastic, keeping beverages carbonated for longer
  3. Glass is endlessly recyclable and reusable

Why Recycling Glass is Important:

  1. Glass is the sustainable alternative to plastic and does not have the same capacity to destroy wildlife and pollute water.
  2. Over 6 million tons of glass end up in a landfill each year in the United States. At an average size of 600 acres, US citizens are effectively filling up one landfill per year with just glass!
  3. Recycling glass instead of producing it using raw materials is nearly 70 percent more energy efficient.

Image Credit: Climate Cards

The Solution

The End of Waste Foundation is built on the vision of producing a circular economy within the recycling industry, eliminating plastic waste and fostering a revolutionary paradigm of shared responsibility.

Through our platform, we track quantities of glass from bin to bottle, ensuring efficiency and accountability. At each stage of recycling, we’re creating the opportunity to divert glass from landfills and give it new life.

Our system is powered by environmentally conscious businesses and consumers who contribute to the Glass Certificate Program which subsidizes the economic losses incurred by our waste and recycling partners.

Contributors (individuals and organizations alike) receive a certificate that validates the amount of glass saved from landfills and how much CO2 has been diverted from entering the atmosphere.

Choose Your Impact

Select the plan you would like to contribute to and we will finalize your contribution.

On the checkout page, you can select whether you want to contribute monthly or annually.

Offset 520 lbs of CO2/year
Offset 911 lbs of CO2/year
Offset 1302 lbs of CO2/year
Your Contribution At Work
1. Choose Your Impact

A year’s worth of contributions equals getting 1 ton of glass recycled! That’s offsetting the CO2 emissions of charging over 44,000 smartphones!

2. The Majority of Your Contribution...
80% of your contribution goes directly to our recycling partners to subsidize losses associated with glass recycling. 20% goes to research & development, platform management and promoting awareness.
3. Get Proof of Recycling
Once your contribution is distributed in the system, you will receive your certificate with a special ID allowing you to trace the source and quantities of recycled glass you contributed to.
4. Get Recognition & Share Your Good Deeds
Once you have contributed, you get to brag a little bit! Contributing to saving the planet is exciting and we think that you should shout it from the rooftops!
“It inspires confidence in the form of the public knowing their glass is getting recycled. It drives awareness as well. It might inspire others to recycle. When that reward, feedback system to the consumer is available evidence shows participation is going to go up."
John Lair
CEO - Momentum Recycling

"Our mission at Ripple Glass is to keep glass out of the landfill by making glass recycling work. We believe that glass is too good to waste and look forward to working with the End of Waste Foundation to fix the broken value chain of recycling.” 

Michelle Goth
General Manager, Ripple Glass

"Glass bottling is the missing piece to the equation of sustainable wine making. The revolutionary End of Waste platform and certification process creates a circular economy that ensures wine bottles are being recycled and avoiding landfills."

Paul Dolan
CEO, Truett Hurst Winery
Our Current Partners
Our Mission & Team

Our mission is to collectively contribute to the reversal of our waste crisis by increasing recycling and investing in a circular economy that engages the world in the shared responsibility of waste management.

We help businesses and consumers reach their goals and objective of sustainability by boosting recycling through technology.

Ionut Georgescu, Chief Executive Officer
Nikolas Zelinski, PR Manager
Oana Molodoi, Chief Experience Officer
Gina Giovannini, Operations Manager
John Stefanescu, Chief Traceability Officer
Christina Richards, Digital Marketing Specialist

Dan Dumitrescu, Chief Innovation Officer

Andrew Carlson, Digital Marketing Strategist

Ramona Dumitrescu, Blockchain Manager

Deanne California, Copy Writer

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